An Ecosystem for Finding and Sharing Water in Philadelphia


Don't buy water, just PHLASK

Water should remain abundant, clean and accessible to everyone. PHLASK's mission is to help people find publicly available sources of water, and to impel private enterprises to provide public access to their water infrastructure - simply by PHLasking.

Don't buy water, just PHLASK

Share Water

Does your property have access to potable water? Would you be willing to welcome a PHLASKer in to fill up their vessel? Add your water source to the PHLASK Map to help increase free access to water.

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PHLASK Bottle & Sticker

Any vessel can be your water flask.

If you need a new vessel or simply want to contribute to the maintenance and development of the PHLASK Ecosystem, consider a PHLASK Bottle or Sticker to sustain work done by the PHLASK co-op.

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PHLASK Bottle & Sticker

Is $0.0007 so much to PHLASK for?

It costs the Philadelphia Water Department 1/14 of a penny to fill up a PHLASK Bottle.