Financial Data

Financials and Expenses

The costs associated with producing the PHLASK products include manufacturing, custom printing, freight & IP.

PHLASK Operations:
Building the PHLASK Ecosystem is a volunteer initiative. Costs for web services, prototypes, etc. have all been borne by individuals willing to donate their time and resources to realizing this project. The margin earned on the sales of the PHLASK Bottle and Sticker will go to reimbursing costs already incurred and sustaining the project's fixed costs into the future. Surplus profits will be reinvested into expanding the scope and services of the PHLASK Ecosystem: benefits for PHLASK Partners who share access to private taps, enhanced functionality for PHLASK Map and/or app, etc. This funding is managed and spent through cooperative decision making by the PHLASK co-op team.

Community Reinvestment:
Ten percent of the gross revenue from all sales will be allocated to a separate fund for community reinvestment. Anyone who has contributed to the PHLASK Ecosystem through the purchase of a PHLASK Bottle and Sticker, or donated their time and resources to the project, will be eligible to vote on how this fund is invested. Member of the PHLASK co-op team will recommend beneficiary initiatives.